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 2016-2017 Season

September 2016 Newsletter

Labor Day has passed and autumn is in its wake; that means our concert season is nearing. And I am READY! As I wrote in June, we have 5 exceptional concerts for you this season. Here’s our schedule:

2 October: Pianist and Organist Patrick Kreeger, doctoral candidate from Juilliard, and a SusanPatrick Kreeger Starr student,  returns to Ocala for a 4th time, this time as a soloist. He previously performed as the pianist for the Crawford Kim Kreeger trio.  Patrick is a graduate of the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music and obtained a Masters from Yale, and has performed in venues throughout the U.S. and Europe. He will perform piano works by Chopin, Beethoven and Mendelssohn. The second half of his concert will feature the Queen of Peace’s mighty pipe organ with pipe ranks in both the front and the rear of the church – to produce a truly ‘surround’ sound. You do NOT want to miss this concert, which is sponsored by Jenkins Hyundai of Ocala.

6 November: Dr. Ben Pila, Classical Guitar – also a Juilliard graduate. An outstanding artist, Dr. Pila performed for The Pope during his recent visit to our country.  You can see this performance on You-Tube. I have been listening to a classical guitar CD lately and can’t wait for Dr. Pila’s performance.

22 January 2017: UF String Quartet (pending).  This may also include a flute.  The coach, Dr. Hee Jung Kang is working with many chamber groups at UF and will send us their best.

26 February: Violist David Pedraza, (Viola and piano).  Viola is the seldom heard bigger brother to a violin. It has such a beautiful, rich and warm sound. This will be a genuine treat.  David is involved in many chamber music productions in south Florida. 

2 April: our Marion Cultural Alliance grant concert featuring 10 year old child prodigy Patricia Zhuga, also a Susan Starr student, who declares Patricia to be “the most talented student she had ever taught.” The repertory this precocious little tike is working on would be expected of a college student! She has won 2 piano competitions in China, one in England and one in the U.S. And she has already made her Carnegie Hall debut.
I know many of you make an annual donation to the MCMS at this time of year so we have included a return envelope to make it easier for you. We greatly appreciate your donations to make these concerts possible.
See you October 2nd at 3pm                      Richard Hammes, President

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